Hough Bill Taxes Vapor as Tobacco, Bad For Public Health

Missouri Smoke Free has Learned that Senator Lincoln Hough a Republican from Green County, District 30 has introduced Bill SB124 that would tax vapor products as tobacco. Make no mistake if passed, the consequences would be horrific for public health. Smoke free and tobacco free vapor products would be regulated and taxed as a tobacco product. The bill’s own estimations reveal ” that the average vapor user will purchase 26 bottles of 30mL vaping fluid per year, for an annual cost of $416 per user.”

Studies have consistently shown that vapor products are at the very least 95% safer than continuing to smoke and smokers use vapor products to quit smoking. Simply put it’s wrong to tax people to quit smoking. Why then would Senator Hough be willing to put the health of former smokers at risk of relapsing back to cigarettes? The simple fact is Missouri would once again fill their coffers on the backs of smokers. The state would receive an estimated 13 million in new taxes each year beginning in 2023. It’s time for The Missouri Legislature to put people over state revenue.

Please call Senator Hough’s office and tell him why it’s wrong to tax people to quit smoking!

201 W Capitol Ave., Rm. 419
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
OFFICE: (573) 751-1311

Email lincoln.hough@senate.mo.gov

Additionally SB124 has been assigned to The Seniors, Families, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee. For a listing of committee members click here